Douliu Factory

Initially, major business model for Acro was mainly trade-oriented. Mostly were trading business of activated carbon and chemical products in order to satisfy all the requirement from different industries such as Petrochemical, Semiconductor, Electronics and other liquid and gas treatment.

By increasing sales and strong demand of activated carbon market, we invested a new plant at Douliu Industrial Park in 2004 and designed fully/semi-automated equipment for reactivation process ourselves. After establishment of factory, we are capable to serve to those customers having the problem of used activated carbon and reactivate activated carbon efficiently and save more costs as well.

ACRO Plant No.1

ACRO Plant No.1

ACRO Plant No.2

ACRO Plant No.2


ISO9001 Certification and updated regularly

Factory Features

Douliu factory is wholly-owned by Acro. All manufacturing and reactivating processes were designed by Acro and we are able to cater our all customers. The features of factory is as following :


To satisfy different needs from different customers, we designed our own special equipment for activated carbon products.

Dry Cooling System

We apply dry cooling-system in the process and there would be no water pollution.

LPG Application

It is costly to apply LPG for rotating furnace, but we can provide best quality to our customers and reduce pollutions to our environment.

Other Features


Delivery Adjustment

Cost Control

Cargo Flow Management





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