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About Acro

We are a professional Taiwanese company specialising in manufacturing and reactivating activated carbon. Acro cares about environmental protection and also plays an important role on liquid and gas treatment.


For over 30 years, Acro is dedicated to activated carbon industry and has developed a series of products to cater to the needs of different industries including Semiconductor industry, Electronics, Food and Beverages and other applications including water treatment, waste plant, pharmaceutical, air and gas purification. Acro also provides services for customising products and helping customer to find out their suitable usage of activated carbon. 

Acro acquires certification of ISO9001 : 2008 and keeps on developing products with extraordinary technology and providing replacement services of activated carbon to meet all the requirement.

Acro has implementing company guidelines since its establishment.
We will continue to improve and provide better service quality to customers.
Act properly and legally
We comply with the laws when conducting businesses.
Honesty trading
We trade and have conscience with honest words and actions

Ethics and Action Guidelines

We do not discriminate people by different sex, age, religion and species.
​We have transparent organisation and company. We are responsible for informing what customers are supposed to know.
​Customer satisfaction

We follow and the rules given by our customers strictly and provide instant assistance and services.

Technology and services
We focusing on not only on business but also consisting development on products.
Safety first
We act and proceed safely without harming others.
Environmental enhancement
We provide better products and technology to reduce the direct damages to earth.





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