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Work-Life Balance in Acro

At Acro, we value the teamwork and share all resources and information with all members. We also encourage members to participate in every tasks and provide a good working environment for members.


Acro provides necessary training and teaching lessons to expand and strengthen the business. We have complete internal corporate strategy, corporate culture, HR policies, and internal management to assist any employees to complete the work assigned.



At Acro, we have variety of clients and therefore we do believe that every education, background and culture will have different ways of thinking are also essential to business.

Variety of Culture

Acro respects people with any religions and cultures, we have people from different areas working together and share beliefs. Our members are empowered to share ideas, which is also the growth of source for Acro



Acro have been dedicated in manufacturing and recycling activated carbon legally over 30 years.

We are widely known as the direct manufacturer of carbon in Taiwan. With our passion and experienced services, we are able to deal with all carbon inquiry.


We provide several events,  dinner party or travel in recognition of their services.

Friendly Working Environment

In order to enhance employees working quality, we offer friendly working environment for office and factory to make sure every employees can work safely and efficiently. 

Global Thinking

Not only engaging in local seminars but participating international events or shows to connect worldwide, and we are able to provide functional products and specifications.



Based on Labor Standards Act in Taiwan


  1. ​Year-end bonus

  2. Three-quarters of relief (Labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival)

  3. Year-end lucky draw


  1. Labor insurance

  2. Health insurance

  3. Employee group insurance

  4. Accident insurance

  5. Occupational disaster insurance


  1. Employee uniform (for factory sites)

  2. Performance bonus(by season)

Company trip

  1. Foreign

  2. Domestic(Taiwan)

Vacation system

  1. Two-day weekend

  2. Special leave/Annual leave


  1. 1. Health check

  2. Official mobile phones (limited to the sales team, work safety personnel)


  1. Wedding

  2. Pregnant


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