Carbon Services

Problems that your company may encounter

No experience on carbon replacement

Worried about carbon quality after replacement

Carbon replacement is not professional

Extra charge from unnecessary services

Our Responsibility

It is not enough to provide superior activated carbon to meet customers needs so we focus more on exchanging services to assist our clients maximize the use of the industry leading products we supply. Based on our specialising experiences on carbon replacement, we are capable of working on all of tough situations and following strict processes requested by our customers. ​

We take great care of any processes of carbon exchange and responsible for environmental problems.

Acro utilises several environment-friendly facilities that will regenerate best spent activated carbon. Carbon factories are in Taiwan but we are strategically located in the middle of Taiwan so we are able to help our customers to minimise transportation costs and save their time. Furthermore, we are capable of dealing with the needs from other countries and provide different specification for reactivation services. ​ Our services contain no harm to our environment and we ensure all the services in full compliance with local law and safety regulations.

Service Procedure

  • ​1.

    Recycling request received

  • 2. 

    Checking spent activated carbon with reactivated standard

  • ​3. 

    Delivering virgin carbon to customer

  • ​4. 

    Retrieving spent activated carbon and replacing virgin carbon

  • ​5. 

    Site clean-up

  • ​6. 

    Reporting to government online

  • ​7. 

    Recycling spent carbon from customer

  • 8. 

    Reporting to government online again

Our mobile service is currently available in Taiwan. In order to enable customers to use the best activated carbon quality, we strictly require the delivering efficiency and client shall be received in a short time.

5. 現場整頓清理

6. 客戶上網申報

7. ​廢碳運回再利用 

​8. 再次上網申報


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