Water Treatment

Drinking Industry

After the assessment, most of the mineral water manufacturers or other related industries use coconut shell based carbon to clean the water, remove impurities and odor in the water to ensure that drinking water products are clean.


Water Purification

Laboratory experiments, or the relevant semiconductor industry often or need highly purifying water for wafer cleaning, removal of wafer surface residual hydrofluoric acid and other solutions. Here coconut shell based carbon can be the solution.


Waste Water Industry


​In the general sewage treatment plant, it is still hard to completely remove the waste water and odor within the sewage. Even if apply the chemical substances to clean sewage may not be able to passed by local regulatory standards or criteria.


Industrial Refining and Decolorisation


The decolorization of impurities such as crude protein, carbohydrates, starch, sugar.


Precious Metal Recovery

The cyanide complex ions can be adsorbed by activated carbon and can be recycled to the metal.

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