Apr. 30, 2020


To all Acro customers,

This is to inform you of our current situation at Acro Chemical Corporation and methods or strategies we are implementing to the Coronavirus crisis.

Comparing to other areas in the world, Taiwan has no massive outbreak yet but only low infection rate or less positive cases. This crisis may continue for a period of time, we believe that it is important to keep taking some actions to protect our people and valued customers as well. 

Office Management 

We currently taking action of internal cleaning and self-protection such as alcohol-spraying on hands before starting works, forehead temperature measurement to remind our people and reduce the possibility of bringing virus indoor. Meanwhile, we also clean and sanitise frequently indoor and outdoor environment, particularly to those objects or product which are usually touched or contacted by our hands.  

Sales Team

The sales team has implemented strategies of virtual meetings or remote working on our sales team for several years in order to provide in-time services. Our services are always flexible and quality-oriented, however; if government regulations required, our teams are able to work from home immediately if their work allowed it, making sure that works will not be postponed and be done in time. To make sure our team is well-operated and keep customers safe, we are currently not traveling nor visiting our customers and have turned our face-to-face meetings into teleconference calls or virtual meetings. Hopefully, these methods will support us to remain close to you in order to continue offering our instant support.


Price Surcharge

We have kept doing the best to remain the price and not to be surcharged for servals time, however; we are encountering disruptions in the supply chain and unexpected additional costs to our supply chain. Therefore, a temporary surcharge may be applied to some of the products, and our sales representative will report you in the coming week or months with the details. Additionally, we will help and provide priority to our customers with long-term relationships to overcome this situation.  

Material Supply

Because of our well supply chain system and structure, there is no major shortage issue so far. However, we still strongly recommend that those customers with larger usages or special applications shall discuss with our representative immediately and ready to prepare the necessary quantity or stock to avoid unexpected impacts in the future. Our representative will be in touch with you via email or oral reminder and welcome for all questions.

In conclusion, we are fully prepared for all difficult situations and please do not hesitate to ask us questions. Please also accept our apologies that we will have postponed visiting or canceled schedules to those valuable customers.

Thank you for using our products and we will keep up the work of serving you.

Acro Chemical Corporation





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