Customised Activated Carbon

No dusts or impurity is included. Acro provides customisation on pH value and major products are CNA series and CNC series (low silicon dioxide carbon). ​


CNA series is used to apply drinking water, purification and ultra pure water, and it has the following characteristic: Ashless Close to neutral pH value Less iron and heavy metal contained Low chlorine, no damages to equipment Maximise capability of absorption ​ ​

Comparison to dry carbon:

  1. Energy saver(no drying process required)

  2. Applied anytime and, process effectiveness

  3. Less water wasting

  4. Decrease abrasion 

  5. Prolong the usage lifetime

CNC series is selected from high quality coconut carbon proceeded chemically to remove silicon dioxide, calcium and magnesium, etc., CNC series is mainly used to applied on process of condensate water, dealing with contaminant materials and enhance recycle effectiveness.


Silicon dioxide is deposited in the boiler tubes, reducing heat transfer and reducing overall boiler efficiency. Depositing on the turbine blades of a power plant can cause imbalances in the turbine's high speed rotation and cause axle failure. Therefore, CNC series can be used in this situation.

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